Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trip to Wal-Mart--My Opinion Is Valued!

I've learned something about going to WalMart here. If you go at 7:30am you pretty much have your pick of parking space. Of course this doesn't matter to me because I'll still park out in ten buck two. I have a phobia of my car getting hit, silly I know but I'm a little different. Anyways, so I've noticed on my trips to WalMart here that there is a serious problem with seniors blocking aisles and just generally not giving a crap if they cut you off or are in your way. Grant it this also happens in LR but I'm trying to tell a story here. My first block happens right at the entrance of the store. Can't get a cart because I'm being blocked. Ugh. This happens several times in the store but right as I'm going for the last item on my list, I turn to go down the soap/bath gel aisle, no can do....BLOCKED! So I go down another aisle and make my way up the soap/bath gel aisle. Just as I approach the item that I need, I can't get to it because the person blocking the aisle is also blocking my access to the product I need. So I wait patiently, "blocker" acknowledges that she's in my way but doesn't attempt to move. Instead she wants my opinion on something. Blocker asks if I've ever used such and such bath gel before, my reply " No ma'am". (There's no way I can just say No. My parents would kill me! I must say ma'am and sir to my elders). She then asks if I can smell this bathgel, does it have a scent, my reply "No ma'am it doesn't smell". Of course it was labeled "Unscented". :-) I am then asked to smell another bathgel and am asked if I like the scent. "Yes ma'am I like it" and I really did.

Please understand, I mean no harm in these stories. And really don't mean any disrespect although as I re-read this it does seem kind of disrespectful, I just thought this was kind of funny. I mean I never had anyone in LR stop me in the bathgel aisle to get my opinion on bathgel scents.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Starting My Blog--Hope I'm doing this correctly!

Okay, so I'm new to this and hope that I do this correctly.

I guess I should begin by introducing myself. Well, I'm Kimberly King, my friends call me Kim. My enemies call me...well that's best left alone. I recently had my 38th birthday. I've been married to Mark King for 20 years now. We are from Trumann, AR and have recently moved to Mountain Home, AR for my husband's job. We lived in the Little Rock area for 8 years and I'm going to miss it and my friends something awful! We have a cat named Abby and she's big, furry and beautiful! And she's a bit of a brat.

I decided today that I should start blogging about my life in Mountain Home, well because my life is pretty funny. I love to laugh and I'm always in a mess. After a pilates/yoga class tonight at a new gym, I was talking to my friend Kelly Mc and told her that I should start blogging this stuff and she said I should. So here I am. I hope that everyone enjoys my stories. Peace out til next time.